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You Must Listen to You Must Remember This


I have been told for months that I need to listen to Karina Longworth’s podcast You Must Remember This. “But,” I was warned, “you may be a little jealous. She covers a lot of your favorites.”

“Oh, I’m sure I”ll be fine,” I said smugly. “My podcast would be about people like Gloria Grahame.”

“She did it.”

Lauren Bacall, obviously.”


“Kay Francis?”

“Oh, that was such a good episode!”  Continue reading

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The Sexy, Witty Lost Gem ‘Girls About Town’

Girls-About-Town2-e1312400572564Other Pre-Code films get all the attention (I’m looking at you, Baby Face), but Girls About Town is just as risque (if not more so) as the rest, and far funnier. The story of two women (Kay Francis and Lilyan Tashman) who make a very good living entertaining wealthy businessmen for a friend and the man who convinces Francis to go straight, the George Cukor-directed film has it all: Clinging outfits (well hello Kay Francis’ breasts!). Suggestive dialogue. And the loving closeups of a young Joel McCrea that would turn him into something of an Art Deco fetish object for directors (and leading ladies).  Continue reading

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