Gleem! The Toothpaste for the Lazy!

I just this very second discovered Gleem toothpaste. Or, more to the point, Gleem toothpaste ads. “For people who can’t brush after every meal,” they trumpet. “Just one brushing” with Gleem kills all bacteria. This actually worked; the brand was introduced in 1951 and by 1958 was the second best-selling toothpaste in the country (Colgate was No. 1; Crest No. 3). But then it started to decline; Crest next-leveled its ad campaign to talk about fluoride (Gleem was strictly a toothpaste), and, in a last-ditch attempt to improve sales, Gleem introduced its “green sparkles” line.

Anyway, that didn’t work. When Gleem finally added fluoride to its recipe, it added sodium fluoride, which is actually gentler than Crest’s stannous flurorise but requires more usage. Which brings us back to these ads, which I love for two reasons: 1) Why can’t some of these people brush after they finish their meals? 2) Look at these meals! 

Oh yeah, and you can still buy Gleem at Dollar Trees.


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