The Changing Profile of Men’s Briefs

Men’s underwear has come a long way, am I right? For example, look at these two commercials. First up is a 1978 ad for Fruit of the Loom, starring a grandma. Then it’s the 2013 Calvin Klein Superbowl spot. (We could also dig into the changing ideals of masculinity, but that’s a whole other post and would probably involve me having to look too closely at the amount of money I spent on the gym.) 

And as a bonus, here’s a creepy man talking about his Hanes underwear in a crowded elevator.

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One thought on “The Changing Profile of Men’s Briefs

  1. Yinzerella says:

    I always wondered what was that little brown shriveled thing that hung out with the grapes and the apple. Is it a leaf? A sad leaf?

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