Oh Verizon, Never Change*

Rottenecards_31429421_rjhyzg8gfySometimes a gal wants an upgrade! And sometimes that upgrade comes via a new smartphone. But that gal had better not do her research as a Verizon customer, or else a $30 “upgrade fee” that occurs anytime you want to renew your two-year contract as a Verizon customer, reveals itself. And then don’t ever take to the customer service chat. Because this might happen to you, on a Saturday morning:

Me: I was looking to upgrade my device and discovered that remaining a Verizon Wireless customer would be an added $30. Why is that? 

Anna-Maria: I completely understand your concern about the upgrade fee. In an effort to ensure that you have the most complete wireless solution, we have implemented a $30 upgrade fee. When our customers upgrade their equipment, the cost of the equipment is drastically decreased from full suggested retail pricing. Furthermore, we have to support these devices with tutorials, online classes, and special features like backup assistance, picture and data transfers and much more!! Not only do we support these new and diverse devices, but we provide you service on America’s Most Reliable Wireless Network. To ensure that cellular service continues to stay available nationwide, we must maintain and continue to expand the footprint of our service.

Me: I could walk into an Apple store and buy an iPhone 5S for $199 there. So the $30 really would be just to remain a Verizon customer

Anna-Maria: We do appreciate your business here at Verizon Wireless and hope that you know and understand that any changes we implement are not to nickel and dime you, but are to provide you with the best quality of service available hands down!

Me: But, just to be clear

Me: If I canceled my contract (which has run out anyway) and bought a phone at the Apple store and came to Verizon as a new customer, I wouldn’t have to pay $30

Anna-Maria: Again, I can certainly understand your concerns about this fee, however, it is a one time fee that will be applied to your next billing statement.

Me: Until I need to renew my contract again, right?

Me: So it’s an every-two-years fee

Anna-Maria: Yes, it is a fee that will be applied anytime you use the two year upgrade offer.

Me: So it’s not really a one time fee. I get charged every time I make the decision to remain with Verizon

Anna-Maria: Yes, that is correct.

Mark: Thank you, Anna-Marie. I guess I won’t be upgrading my device today

Anna-Maria: You are more than welcome, and I am so sorry that you will not be completing an upgrade at this time. Is there anything else that I can assist you with on my end?

Me: Nope

*And by that, I mean immediately change this $30 fee.

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One thought on “Oh Verizon, Never Change*

  1. Yinzerella says:

    I had this conversation with someone at the Verizon kiosk on Monday. I was a Verizon customer for almost 15 years. There was the $30 upgrade, plus my monthly bill was going to go up $40 for data plan.
    I went down a bit to the Best Buy mobile store. Bought an android and switched to Virgin Mobile. $45 a month—-cheaper than what I was paying for Verizon not-smart phone.

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