Boulevard of Broken Dreams Part XIV

Like Truman Capote’s Mr. Revercomb in short story “Master Misery,” I will buy your dreams. This just in…

“I dreamed that I got a new job, and on my first day I had to take Elsie in with me because we were still dog-sitting. I had my own office but it was a little box about 3/4 the height of a regular room, so I didn’t quite bump my head but it was close. They were still painting it, so I was wandering around the office and found the kitchen, where you two were eating the free McDonald’s pancakes the office provided for the employees, and I was worried I would get in trouble because they’d know you’d snuck in on my name somehow. Turned out my job was doing social media for car companies, but I couldn’t get you guys to stop coming in every morning and eating those pancakes.”

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