On the 20th Century With John Barrymore and Elaine Stritch

TwentiethCentury1934DVDRipSiRiUs-3In her solo show Elaine Stritch At Liberty, Stritch tells a damning story about co-workers and then, with perfect deadpan, adds, “Don’t you love the theater?” before growling, “And all the lovely people in it.”

Because I won’t rest until one knows the etymology of just about everything, I feel compelled to point out that this was not a Stritch zinger. It actually comes from the film Twentieth Century, starring John Barrymore and Carole Lombard. When I watched it last night for the first time and heard Barrymore say that line in a very different way, it stuck in my brain like a seed in your molar. It wasn’t until I’d turned it over and over again, muttering it in different voices, that Stritch came to me.

And that’s a little peek into the way my mind works!

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