The Beauty of Puzzle of a Downfall Child

puzzle-of-a-downfall-childAt the height of her beauty, Faye Dunaway made the mad model movie Puzzle of a Downfall Child. Directed by Jerry Schatzberg, a former fashion photographer (and loosely based on interviews Schatzberg conducted with Anne Saint Marie), Dunaway stars as Lou Andreas Sand, a former model now living in seclusion in a beach house. She recounts the early days of her career for a filmmaker interested in making a movie about her life, but her narration doesn’t jibe with what we’re seeing. A little too psychosexual, the movie nevertheless contains Dunaway’s greatest film performance—and that’s saying something. She’s also never looked as gorgeous, even in Lou’s middle age.

The film isn’t on DVD in America yet, but you can watch it in its entirety on YouTube. And I highly recommend doing so.


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