Weekend Warrior: Drains

bathroom-sinkYour bathroom sink takes forever to drain and you’re tired of watching it fill up while you’re wetting your toothbrush. Thinking about buying some Drain-O? Don’t!

Or do! But first you need to make sure you can’t fix the clog yourself. All you need is a Kleenex (or any tissue, don’t buy into the name-brand myth) and a plunger. Stuff the tissue into the upper drain in the sink to prevent air flow, then run the water for a few seconds. Once the sink has drained, plunge it! I like fast, shallow plunges. When it sounds as if the water has returned to the sink, remove the plunger. So much gunk, right? Gross! And also, yesssss. A job well done! Wipe out the gunk with a paper towel or more tissues and repeat until little comes up. Your sink should drain smoothly now!

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior: Drains

  1. I haven’t purchased Drano ever since I discovered that half a cup of baking soda and a cup of distilled vinegar does the exact same thing for pennies on the dollar.

  2. Superstar says:

    Here’s an even lower tech/non-toxic solution: Every month or so pour a boiling kettle of water down each drain. The boiling hot water melts pretty much any clog or developing clog. And no messy gunk up-chuck in the sink – bonus.

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