Octavia Spencer May Be Writing Murder For NBC

octavia-spencerOctavia Spencer will take on the role of Jessica Fletcher in NBC’s reboot of Murder, She Wrote. (Because NBC’s reboot of Ironside was such a hit.)

This is saddening for a lot of reasons. One of them is that the reboot will tether the Fletcher character (who is a self-published author) to a hospital by making her a hospital administrator.

As someone who has recently found succor in old episodes of Murder, She Wrote on Netflix (the series is no longer available, don’t bother), the great joy of that series can never be replicated: There just aren’t as many Faded Big Names now as there were in the 1980s. A typical episode could have everyone from Lorna Luft to Vivian Blaine take on roles; who do we have now? Sean Young as a crazy killer? Pamela Anderson? Anne Archer?!

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