What I’d Rather Be Doing: In a Lonely Place

vg_lonelyplace“I noticed him because he looked interesting. I like his face.”

On this Columbus Day that seemingly everyone else has off, I would rather be watching In a Lonely Place than sitting at my desk.

If you don’t know, In a Lonely Place is a) a film noirish starring Humphrey Bogart as the curdled version of his onscreen persona, an alcoholic, possibly fatally violent screenwriter, and Gloria Grahame (a patron saint of KCDFYS and visible in our header photo) as his neighbor, lover, and alibi; and b) one of the most sophisticated and adult movies ever made. It is filled with little moments that stay with you long after you’re finished, and provides enough fodder for multiple articles, both slavering and articulate. It also happens to be on TCM OnDemand for those unfortunate Time Warner Cable subscribers; it comes highly recommended.

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