Leave Lizzie Borden Alone

lizzie-bordenListening to rock musical Lizzie, about Lizzie Borden (natch), I’ve been thinking a lot about poor Lizzie Andrew Borden. (That’s Lizzie. She was not christened Elizabeth.) Worst case scenario, right, she killed her father and her stepmother. But they both seemed pretty awful (my favorite bit of Borden trivia is that they called their Irish maid Maggie, because they’d had a previous maid named Maggie, even though her name was Brigid) and her father was famously cheap and made the family live in the poor part of town to save money. So guess what happens when Mr. and Mrs. Borden die? Lizzie and her sister get to move to the right side of the tracks, they’re suddenly wealthy, and Lizzie’s hobnobbing with theater folk and living the high life. She saw a solution to her problems and she solved them. That’s the kind of American know-how we usually reward, but I guess just because a gal gets a little hatchet crazy (again, worst case) she deserves to be shunned.

Also, I think Lizzie is pretty good. But I also have a soft spot for ladies rocking out on songs about improving their current situations. And I’m pretty excited about the Lifetime TV movie coming up, starring Christina Ricci and Clea DuVall as the Borden gals!

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One thought on “Leave Lizzie Borden Alone

  1. Your post was hilarious. Also, I hadn’t heard about the Lifetime movie — I can’t wait to see it! I’ve loved Clea DuVall since Carnivale and Christina Ricci since Buffalo 66.

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