Real Talk: Cooter Brown

Cooter BrownsReal Talk, in which I explain why we say weird things like “plugged nickel” or “cat’s pajamas.” Also, a place where I can send my boyfriend when he asks the meaning of weird phrases like “plugged nickel” or “cat’s pajamas.”

“Let’s drive down to the lake and just git drunker ‘n Cooter Brown!”

There are a few explanations for who Cooter Brown was and why he was so drunk, but we’ll go for the one I prefer: Cooter Brown lived on the Mason-Dixon line. With family on both the Union and Confederate sides, he couldn’t bear the thought of being drafted to kill blood relations, so he vowed to stay drunk for the war’s duration. Did he? What did he drink? Did he die of alcohol poisoning before the war ended? Was his family disgusted? Did small local boys throw things at him and jeer? I guess we’ll never know.

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