Boulevard of Broken Dreams Part IX

pistachio-nut-picLike Truman Capote’s Mr. Revercomb in short story “Master Misery,” I will buy your dreams. This just in…

“I just woke up from a dream in which you, Regan and I were at Applebee’s and Regan was ordering for us all using a secret menu that she knew about from her job. It included an ice cream pizza.

“After dinner we went to a consignment shop run by an old lady who said we could take anything we wanted if we cover her for 15 minutes while she went on a break. We said we would and then she opened the back door of the shop and it was a high school and we were seated at desks with phones and given lists of children to call to inform that their parents were dead. I called a girl and asked her why she was skipping science. Then the shop lady came back and choked on a pistachio and died. Some guy yelled ‘SISTER GRACEEEE’ and then she came back to life and ate another pistachio.”

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