Won’t Someone Save Obits for the Children?

When I was a child, I was furious with my mother for not remembering all about the day Greta Garbo died.

This is both more complicated and simpler than you think. The reason I was a child interested in Greta Garbo was because my uncle gave me two bargain books about her. That’s the simple part. The more complicated part is why I was a willing recipient.

But the point is, I really wanted to read her obituary. So my mother and I drove to the public library and got a lesson in microfiche. (My mother was constantly trailing along behind me, somewhat aggressively unapologetic for her strange son, while I was wounded that the women sitting on the other side of the desk of the Luling Historical Society should be addressing my mother instead of myself.)

I could never find Garbo’s obituary, though. I don’t know if we were looking at the wrong day or in the wrong section or what, but I was so disappointed I vowed to never allow my own children to suffer the indignities of microfiche. Which is the exact moment I began clipping and saving movie star obituaries.

I believe Claudette Colbert was my first.

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3 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Save Obits for the Children?

  1. Yinzerella says:

    That is a fantastically morbid and awesome hobby. I hope you have them all pasted in a tattered scrapbook.

    • I did! But the only thing I love more than being morbid is decluttering. Besides, the youth of today have the Internet for their obituary and pornographic needs. They don’t have to rely on scrapbooks or reruns of CHiPS.

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