Take a Trip Down Game Show Memory Lane with Rodeo Drive

While watching the premiere episode of Supermarket Sweep on YouTube today, a commercial caught my eye. It was for Lifetime game show Rodeo Drive. What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of Rodeo Drive? The game show in which contestants compete to prove who knows the most (then) current celebrity gossip? Where “the glitter meets the dirt”? Shame on you!

Hosted by comedienne and “comedic impressionist” Louise DuArt, the show is a trip. After a very long boring segment which finds contestants guessing Fact or Rumor to celebrity tidbits (Sting was a teacher at a girls’ convent school!), the winner goes to “Rodeo Drive” and overhears actors gossiping to mannequins. Yes. Inanimate objects. The winner has to name the celebrity being discussed, and only then will she (or he) win all of the fabulous prizes available in the “stores”! On this semi long weekend, treat yourself to a journey back in time when there could be an entire category dedicated to Liza Minnelli on a mainstream game show.

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