The Frogs Will Get You

frogs_poster_02What can I tell about about 1972 eco-disaster film Frogs? Well, yes, to start off with frogs do kill people. Kind of. At a Fourth of July family reunion on a private island off the coast pf Florida, frogs have finally had enough of seeing the environment taken for granted. So they lead the rest of the native wildlife in a quest for revenge.

Eco-friendly Sam Elliott, accidentally crashing the party after his canoe is tipped over by a beer-swilling smugtard, is caught in the crosshairs! And what crosshairs they are! In case you forget the name of the movie, shots of frogs croaking are spliced between every scene. Eventually, those croaks take on an ominous sound, as we watch the frogs tell the rest of the animals what to do. Even butterflies get in on the act, luring an amateur lepidopterist into an actual snake pit! Lizards mix chemicals together in a greenhouse to asphyxiate a fashion photographer! Birds kill his supermodel “girlfriend”! A turtle kills a woman by…well, we don’t actually know how. But she definitely dies. And Sam Elliott definitely takes his shirt off twice. Oh, and Joan van Ark is there.

I’m not telling you that Frogs is a lost classic. But I’m confident in saying that you will probably be riveted despite yourself. Especially if your are unaware that Sam Elliott looked like this:



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