Heat Wave Survival Tips

normal_coolhandluke16As usual, once the temperatures creep into the upper 80s, the news is ALL OVER IT. Did you know that one should avoid direct sunlight during a heat wave? And avoid strenuous activity? And drink water? Yes, water! All bullshit. I mean, yes, do all of it, but is that anything you don’t already know? As a former Texan born and raised in the swampland and a New York City transplant who lived in a top-floor apartment sans air conditioning for four years, I know about the heat. Here are some real talk tips:

1).  Wet a washcloth. Put it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, rub it all over your skin. This has the effect of a cold shower without creating more wet towels to create more humidity.

2.) If you don’t have blackout curtains, lower the top sash of any windows that get sun. Slip the end of a towel on top and close it. The towel will block the sunlight (and, if you insist on taking cold showers, the sun will dry the towel faster!).

3.) Run icy water on your wrists and inner elbows. Instant relief!

4.) Have an indoor picnic and sit on the floor. Cool air falls, you know.

5.) Go to bed with an icy compass. Should you not own one, a Ziploc bag of ice will also do in a pinch.

6.) During the day, go to the movies. At night, go to a bar. Drink enough that you’ll pass out when you get home. You won’t even notice that you’re hot!


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