An Office Conversation, Overheard and Recreated

Office drone #1: My friend went to the big premiere of Oblivion at the Ziegfeld last night.

Office drone #2: Oblivion?

Office drone #1: Yes.

Office drone #2: But that came out months ago.

Office drone #1: [Long pause] I don’t know. [Long pause] She said Will Smith and his son—

Office drone #2: Oh, you mean After Earth.

Office drone #1: [Patronizingly] Yes, this was one of a lot of dystopian movies out there right now. But you’re thinking of the movie with Tom Cruise.

Office drone #2: No, Tom Cruise was in Oblivion. I saw it. It wasn’t very good.

Office drone #1: Well, my friend tweeted pictures of the premiere last night. Spike Jonze was there!


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