Upfronts: NBC Comedies

Here’s where things should get interesting, right? Since NBC basically pressed the reset button on its comedies by canceling all of its freshman entries last week? So what do they have on deck that’s just so good?

Well, in addition to mid-season replacement About a Boy, starring David Walton (remember him? This will be his fifth NBC sitcom in five years, so don’t get too attached), we have stellar entries like the following:


Sean Saves the World
Sean Hayes plays a lovable children’s’ party entertainer, who bears a startling resemblance to a petty thief and general creep. Turns out, his irascible mother (Linda Lavin) gave up his twin brother at birth, which has led to a lifetime of awkward encounters, like when this little girl thought Good Sean was the playground flasher! Follow Sean’s adventures as he tries to correct his brother’s wrongdoings and finally capture that wily imp!

$RBRP8A9The Michael J. Fox Show
Michael J. Fox lovingly if sometimes impatiently must deal with the assorted weirdos and wacky characters that comprise his friends and family, most of whom are prone to fits of broad comedy! Luckily, his trophy wife is surprisingly down-to-earth. Look for Katie Finneran to cycle through at least five possible catchphrases before settling on one. My guess? “Hotcha!”

$R4Q7T1XWelcome to the Family
Ever wonder what would have happened if Romeo and Juliet had been blue-collar and had lived? Grill-offs, beer burps, and gruff but tender life lessons!

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