The Upfronts: NBC’s Dramas

I love upfronts week. Part of it is the out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new attitude that sees the dross replaced by, if not gold, then definitely shiny new things.

Right now, as I type this, NBC is presenting its new slate of TV shows, of which there will be many since NBC slashed and burned its way through its lineup (bye Whitney!). And maybe we don’t need another vampire show, but if NBC insists that we have one and it doesn’t include a frequently shirtless Alex O’Loughlin, then by all means, have it star Jonathan Rhys Meyers.DraculaKA_PI’m not attending the upfronts (though I vow this is the last year I don’t go. I really do love this week!), so let’s just pretend that I’m at NBC’s presentation right now, shall we? Based solely on available artwork, I’m going to tell you all about NBC’s upcoming slate.

With Once Upon a Time a hit on ABC, NBC gets into the fantasy game with this drama about an amusement park’s theme ride that comes terrifyingly to life, trapping its employees and stray tourists in a wilderness of saber-wielding, eye-patch-wearing mateys with only a kindly (albeit reluctant) magical parrot to guide them.


Blair Underwood stars as a wheelchair-bound lawyer named Steely Ironside, who uses his infirmity to milk the jury’s sympathy. But what his co-workers and opponents don’t know is that he’s actually fully ambulatory!

2013_0510_TheNightShift_HeroMain_970x400_JR(1)The Night Shift
Perfect for a Dracula crossover, The Night Shift is about a motley collection of do-gooder creatures who work the titular hours at a hospital, where they simultaneously save lives and also feed without causing harm. Look for plenty of supernatural sex on this one!

BlacklistKA_PThe Blacklist
A fresh take on the Clarice-Hannibal relationship, in which an impressionable CIA agent finds herself engaged in a pleasurable battle of wits with a master spy/terrorist. The elevator pitch was probably something like, “Silence of the Lambs meets Homeland meets Bones.”

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