Adventures in Personal Training: Ruminative Edition

CharlesAtlas-TenStepsToABetterBody-1In the six months and change for which I have had a personal trainer, my most consistent improvement has been in fist bumping. I’ve grown pretty good at it! The trick, I think, is to not be tentative. Just assume your aim is true and pound those knuckles!

I guess I’ve learned some other things, too, but I can’t think of a one right now.

I was tempted to just let my last pack of sessions run out and go on my merry way. Getting up and out of bed and dashing straight to the gym before work three times a week was really taking it out of me, more mentally than physically, but then I started seeing results and it seemed silly to have worked this hard and come this far only to backslide. So I’m still going, still dragging myself over there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (plus Saturday or Sunday, for my legs! I graduated to solo leg workouts a few weeks ago).

Oh yeah, I remember what else I learned: That I owe everyone who saw me in a tank top prior to this year an apology. I just didn’t know, guys. I thought being slender was enough. I was wrong.

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