Mortuary Management Always Makes Me Smile

One must draw the line somewhere, and I draw mine at actually subscribing to Mortuary Management Magazine. I requested a sample issue and I get the monthly email newsletter, but I can’t bring myself to write a check for a year’s worth of issues.

But once a month, I question that line in the sand when I read the letter from the editor. Today, for instance, found me bleary-eyed in bed but nevertheless reading aloud choice excerpts—excerpts I’d like to share with you all now!

“Solving needs and issues for the client, even if suggested options may not be as profitable, should be first and foremost in customer satisfaction.”

“Neither death care nor funeral service is rocket science. In fact, in certain places such as the state of Colorado, it is allowable with essentially no special training or license.” [That Colorado factoid comes up just about every month.]

“While visiting a port city in Norway via cruise ship recently, I casually asked a store proprietor about funerals.”

“At a recent dinner party where conversation turned to funerals, a gentleman mentioned his experience in selecting a cloisonnĂ© urn at the funeral home for a price of over $400 including tax. Soon after, he happened to notice the identical item in a Chinese gift shop for $80.”

I would spend more time mocking the casual introduction of funeral services into conversation, but I know just how it’s done so I don’t really have much room there.

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