The Succor of Supermarket Sweep

Remember Supermarket Sweep? The game show on Lifetime that found men and women racing up and down the aisles of a soundstage grocery store, trying to create the most expensive carts? Of course you do. And do you know what? Those soft pastels and the soothing voice of host David Ruprecht are worth far more than the pulse-pounding theatrics of today’s game shows. Watch Supermarket Sweep the next time you’re feeling low.

Maybe not the episode embedded below, though. Because one of the contestants freezes up while giving her partner clues, and it’s pretty painful to watch. What do you think she’s up to now? Do you think she watches this on a perpetual loop at home, stroking her menagerie of cats and screaming at her youthful self to give a fucking clue already? I hope not.

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