“Colonial Penn? Have You Been Talking to Alex Trebek?”

I have spent four months intermittently searching for this Colonial Penn ad, because there’s so much to discuss. And at last! Here it is! Unhelpfully unembeddable!

I guess we’ll start with the obvious: Why are none of these cafeteria ladies wearing hairnets? More to the point: Why are all of these cafeteria ladies so happy?

I also appreciate the look of horror that the redhead shoots the sad lady when the latter says she may have to move in with her daughter. That look could either be, “Don’t admit you’re old!” or “But we’re lesbian lovers! How am I supposed to pay the rent alone?”

Can you sense everyone involved scurrying to clear up how much that woman is struggling, financially? I mean, she is or she isn’t. There’s no complaining until a mention of Colonial Penn reminds her that she’s doing okay. That’s cheating. And lazy writing.

And of course I love the meta, “Have you been talking to Alex Trebek?” moment, and the awkward, high-school-theater laughter that follows.

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