Well Hello Spring! Time to Get Busy

vintage_housewifeHappy first day of spring! If you don’t live in New York City, you may be experiencing the first inklings of warm weather. Take advantage this weekend! Do some spring cleaning!

For instance, make a big pile of clothes to take to the dry cleaners. Those heavy sweaters and Hudson Bay blankets? Drop them off so they’ll be ready for late fall!

Wash your sheets and comforter and flip your mattress! Flipping your mattress will ensure that it lasts longer. If you haven’t splurged on new pillows lately, why not treat yourself? Don’t forget to drop your old pillows off for textile recycling!

If you’re in need of a new air-conditioner or table fan, this is probably your last chance to buy one before you get gouged on the price. And if you don’t, do you need a new filter for the A/C? You don’t want it to splutter and die in the middle of a heat wave. The heat is my oldest enemy; we know each other too well. Fight the good fight with me!

Should your window screens have holes in them, rescreening them is a pretty simple, inexpensive chore. I think Home Depot sells a kit that comes with everything you need, including mesh. If you need more mesh, you can measure and cut at a hardware store. Not only will this keep bugs out, but your windows will get a facelift! If there are no holes, take your screens out and give them a good rinse! If they’re a metallic mesh, you may also want to scrub them down with a brush, too. All that dirt? Won’t find its way to your windowsill!

And of course, you should move all of your furniture and sweep and mop beneath. And dust. Make sure your ceiling fan blades are clean! Are your baseboards dusty? Wipe them down with a sponge! Your tub should get a scrubbing every month (and your toilet every week), so you’re probably in good shape with that. But wipe down your showerhead. That shit’s filthy!

Look at you! I’m so proud of how clean you are!

(I’m a little obsessive when it comes to housework. Or maybe it’s making lists. Either way, clean home!)

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