An Open Letter to a Hotel

Dear Hotel,

I guess it makes sense to paint hotel room doors during the South by Southwest convention. I mean, every hotel is at capacity, but people aren’t in their rooms during the day, right? And that wallpaper you re-glued, I’m sure no one is going to bump drunkenly into it at night!

And high speed wi-fi probably isn’t that important, either. Everyone’s just there to drink! No one is trying to get work done. Work for which fast Internet is required. Those housekeeping hours were a little weird, though. Our maid tried to come at 3 p.m. one day and 8 a.m. the other? Odd. But cool! Austin’s way laid back!

But if I call you at 9 p.m. the night before my flight and request a cab for 9:15 in the morning, it would be awesome if your valet didn’t come up to me to advise me to walk three blocks away to hail one. (That cabbie, by the way, ignored the meter and made three people pay $20 each on a $27 fare. Not your problem, I know! I just wanted to work that in. Guess he didn’t realize he was driving a New Yorker with a receipt that included his driver number and the company’s phone number!)

I did enjoy my view of the interstate and two gas stations, though! Good planning! And that breakfast you served was inspiring. Don’t take it personally that I made a special trip to IHOP after my first tasting. Totally unrelated.



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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to a Hotel

  1. chefnedra says:

    Love this. – Chef Nedra

  2. hahahaha! i can only imagine how horrible it was, but why not out the hotel ? they deserve it! i have been attending this festival since 1997 and have witnessed many changes, being that, everyone has their hand out. I was told parking would be $30. everyday…hehehehe ya right! hotels are understaffed during sxsw when the hotels know what mayhem will arrive when the conference begins. there were considerably less people who attended this year compared to last year. the cab driver you had was a a real creep.

    • I literally watched parking at my hotel drop from $40 to $30 to $20 over the course of an hour on Tuesday. And I’m getting a refund on my cab because this is the Year of Calling to Complain.

      • i paid $10 to park and $16 another time. they tried to convince every one to pay $30 bucks but everyone refused. hahahaha! can you believe $40 to park to go to a gig? hilarious! the only one who was enforcing the $30 parking fee was a lone parking garage down on 5th street which happened to be owned by a Pakhistani family who put their cranky unrelenting grandma at the toll booth. the line of cars driving into the garage and then turning around in the driveway of the garage in a mass exodus over the price. prior to the conference, Austin had city council meetings that determined parking prices and other fares associated with the festival. good for you on the cab receipt! people rarely take cabs in austin for this very reason.

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