Southern Living: Big Red Style

big-redIf you’ve ever been to the South, then you may or may not be familiar with Big Red. No, not the gum. The soda!

It’s allegedly a cream soda that tastes like almonds (according to Wikipedia), but let’s get real: It is the very personification of red flavor. It just tastes red. Obviously it’s delicious.

Originally created in 1937 and called Sun Tang Red Cream Soda, the name changed to Sun Tang Big Red Cream Soda in 1959. Because the original name just tripped too easily off the tongue. Then one genius golf caddy called it “Big Red,” and the president of the San Antonio bottling plant screamed “Eureka!” and went over par. (Most of that is true.)

Seriously, though. I can’t tell you how goddamn good this thing is. I miss very little from the South (driving at night on flat ribbons of highway; central air conditioning; pimento cheese), but Big Red is at the top of the list. Order it on Amazon Prime or something if you can. Diabetes has never gone down so smooth!

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