Adventures in Personal Training: Jaundiced Eye Edition

skinnycroppedI may have soured on personal training.

Yeah, I’m finally seeing results and clothes fit me better. But I don’t think my personal trainer is, well, good. I mean, we don’t do stretches. We don’t do anything about my calves or forearms, but we keep working on my triceps, which are now cartoonishly big. Like, they don’t fit with the rest of my body.

There’s also his tendency to yell at me when I’m struggling, which I have been a lot lately because I’ve been battling a sinus infection that makes bench pressing a not particularly enjoyable activity. And then Wednesday morning (shoulders and abs), I did Something Bad to my neck.

At first it was just a tightness, and I kept going. But it was really more serious than that, because my muscle would spasm as I tried to lower the weight and I’d end up dropping it. My personal trainer assured me it was probably a cold muscle (which, one can’t help but think, is why one does warmups) and we kept at it.

By the end of the day, I couldn’t turn my head.

By the end of yesterday, I still couldn’t turn my head.

Things are better today, but honestly. If I, who have kept my mouth shut for months now as I struggle and strain to lift weights, say that something hurts, perhaps you should listen to me. I don’t really cry wolf on pain. If I say it, I mean it.

All of this is moot, though, because I still have at least 20 more hours already paid for. This summer had better be worth it, but with my luck I’ll have an amazing body and an equally amazing breakdown and break out in eczema like poor Zelda Fitzgerald, thus rendering my body unable to be unclothed in public.

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