He’s My Big Shot Valentine

tumblr_lpsqdoSxFm1qfs7wzo1_500One of the things I remember being most taken aback by when I first started seeing my gentleman companion was that he seemed perturbed when I casually mentioned having an arch nemesis. That some people can live life without an arch nemesis or even a frenemy was a foreign concept to me.

Think about it: This gentleman is universally liked. What must that be like? All of my friends like him; all of his exes like him. (I have not heard from a single ex in years and even then it devolved into, “I’m not surprised you’re alone, Peacock. You’re a pretty miserable person.”) Being liked was never something I aspired to, but that’s probably because it seemed like a long shot. Did you know it’s possible? And not even possible, but actually happens? I am constantly astonished by this phenomenon, but pretty pleased to be able to witness it up close.


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