Full Immersion Experiences

I’m a big fan of really riding a theme into the ground. Sometimes, waiting for the perfect moment can make even the most mundane activities really pop! Here are a few choice, full-immersion, everyday doings.

Reading Colette. If you plan to delve into the works of Colette (which you should), please do so while sipping an exotic tea, in bed, wearing a kimono, and ashing your cigarette in a cut crystal ashtray.

Listening to Lucinda Williams. Williams is probably best enjoyed during summer heat, although she also works on dark and freezing nights. It’s all a matter of personal taste. These aren’t hard and fast rules!

Delving into the world of Zelda Fitzgerald. F. Scott should be reading during June and July; Zelda should be read only in the oppressive, swampy heat of a rough August so that you feel a little crazy yourself and can really come to grips with what her life was. This may seem difficult at first, but the appreciation you walk away with will be worth it. Particularly if you read her hallucinogenic Save Me the Waltz.

Watching silent movies. Only late at night, during the winter months.

Watching game show reruns. Only in the middle of the day, with sandwiches.

Investigating Raymond Chandler novels. Best if done with tattered paperbacks during late fall. Bonus points if you use Aramis cologne.

Investigating Cornell Woolrich novels. Best if done during steamy May days.

Becoming obsessed with Bobbie Gentry. Rainy spring nights. Also an excellent time to watch A Letter From Three Wives.

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