Real Talk: Kit and Caboodle

Kit+and+CaboodleReal Talk, in which I explain why we say weird things like “plugged nickel” or “cat’s pajamas.” Also, a place where I can send my boyfriend when he asks the meaning of weird phrases like “plugged nickel” or “cat’s pajamas.”

“And when I’m done, I’ll own all of it, the whole kit and caboodle!”

“Kit” and “caboodle,” as it turns out, mean the same thing: a bunch of stuff. So together, it’s all the stuff. There are various versions of this saying, from “kit and boodle” to just “boodle,” but as ever, alliteration won the day and left us with “kit and caboodle.” (Sinclair Lewis used “kit and boiling” in Main Street, which is just another reason to not read Main Street.)

This is also one of the few phrases with an American origin; in fact, “caboodle” barely existed out of the U.S.

This could also make an awesome dual Halloween costume. One of you dresses like Kit, from A League of Their Own, and one of you dresses like… I don’t know. A weird poodle? A junk drawer? Work it out yourself.

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