Dixie Carter in the Unjustly Forgotten Filthy Rich

Please enjoy this Important Forgotten Show Intro. Filthy Rich, which was a massive flop, was the first teaming of Dixie Carter and Delta Burke with Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, all of whom later went on to Designing Women. The show is a bizarre sendup of Dallas, but though I have only seen the pilot at the Paley Center (because of course I’m the kind of person who goes to a museum to watch obscurities), I have long quoted a line from the series every time I wear a pair of short shorts, which is generally from Memorial Day to Labor Day: “These shorts are so short you can see all the way to Nacogdoches!”

(That joke is only funny to Texans.)

And to be completist about it, here’s the only other clip from the show available.

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