The Clones of Parr of Arizona

Much thanks to reader Lamb Cannon for leading me down a rabbit hole of clone clothier Parr of Arizona, who outfitted all of the butchest queens in leathers and swimsuits. What could be manlier than an animal-print loincloth swimsuit? Nothing.

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2 thoughts on “The Clones of Parr of Arizona

  1. Lamb Cannon says:

    my pleasure* I always loved how they cut out the models with scissors and pasted them over pictures of cactus etc.

    just wish those men and their outfits were still around… but hey they are, in all their pre-photoshop glory….

  2. alan8427 says:

    I used to buy swimsuits there in the 1980s. Loved that place. The owner’s wife was a lovely woman and always very helpful.

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