Barbara Mandrell Reveals Her Stalker Side

A dear friend hooked me on stalker songs. You know, the songs that are usually somewhat romantic, but upon closer inspection the lyrics reveal a dangerous obsession? Yeah, those. Heart’s “Alone” is the classic example, though I’m partial to Lucinda Williams’ “Changed the Locks.”

Anyway, Barbara Mandrell had a really choice stalker song on her album Black and White, which isn’t available on iTunes or even on CD, so I had to wait until some kind soul posted the track on YouTube. That day has come, so please enjoy, friends! And listen for that 1980s boop-boop-beep dialing noise!

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One thought on “Barbara Mandrell Reveals Her Stalker Side

  1. Woah. That’s a long way from Christmas at Our House, which is always on my Christmas cheez plate with, of course, The Carpenters.

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