Adventures in Personal Training: Uncomfortable Realizations Edition

7747180726_888f181ec7_zEarlier this week, my trainer asked what my New Year’s Eve plans were. Just hanging out with a friend, I said. Her parents are out of town so we’re going to take advantage of their fancy apartment.

“She’s just a friend?” he asked with what amounted to a wink.


“Is she hot?”

At that moment, I realized that this gentleman thinks I’m a heterosexual. Which left me with a lot of… feelings. One of them was that I suddenly felt like the awkward teenager I was, gangly and not quite sure of myself. The other was, as my friend so aptly pointed out, I’m not doing so well as a straight person. This throws my whole experience at the gym, already fraught with discomfort and embarrassment, into another light.

I obviously didn’t correct him. I have what amounts to a genuine horror of uncomfortable conversations such as the one that would have unfolded, with him embarrassed and me apologetic for making him embarrassed.

I did have to toss out a sweater for being too small this week, though. Little victories, y’know?

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One thought on “Adventures in Personal Training: Uncomfortable Realizations Edition

  1. Lamb Cannon says:

    can’t directly relate as I’m old and always hated “the gym” but oh god yes the never ending squirming feeling (triple gerund) that results from being hetero trapped… it never goes away… the horror the horror as Marlon kurtz would say *sprinkles shiny droplets of water on bald pate

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