New Year’s Resolutions

joan crawford-newyearI knew being an inveterate journaler—good friend Dawn Powell and I would often read aloud to each other from our journals late at night over the phone, giggling as girlfriends do—would pay off. Here are a decade’s worth of New Year’s resolutions.

Be more aggressive
Fewer friends who are overly critical
Fewer head/power games
My rallying cry for 2005: “Grace to live as variously as possible”
Remain single and celibate for the entire year. I can, however, make out with boys in bars. [A notorious flop; I met my life companion that year]
Not allow the possibility of embarrassing myself stop me from doing something
Be less nice about being taken advantage of
Find a new job
Paint my apartment
Work on my book
Have a short story published. [If you count the one published in Inches magazine, done!]
Get $3,000 in my savings account
Be extremely vigilant about my finances and cut corners wherever possible
Find another outlet for film reviews
Leave my apartment to spend more time with friends
Cut back on my smoking
Start putting money in my savings account again
Be a better boyfriend
Find a recurring gig writing for a publication that one must purchase
Paint my bedroom
Explore NYC more
Pay off my credit card
Do more TV writing so I can score advance screeners
Be a better boyfriend, and go on more dates
Be more vigilant about toning up on the Wii Fit
Get up earlier
Be a better copy editor
Take a speed reading course
Get the apartment fixed up (have the dead outlet fixed, paint the bedroom, etc)
No apologia
More personal writing
Write my book proposal
Get a new job
Put $20,000 in savings
Bring lunch more
Do one NYC thing a month
Create a blog

(Among my 2013 resolutions are to read Moby Dick and to finally—finally—write my book proposal.)


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