Holidays with Roddy McDowall

Look at all the eye candy just hanging out on Roddy McDowall’s deck back in the day! Kirk Douglas! Sal Mineo in an eye patch! Not to mention Betty Bacall and Tuesday Weld and all sorts of people.

I really feel like Roddy and I would have hit it off, y’know? (Also, did you know he was so well endowed he would perform fellatio on himself at parties?)





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One thought on “Holidays with Roddy McDowall

  1. Russ says:

    I was watching Roddy McDowall on TV the other day. It was an episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey. The episode where he almost goes to the guillotine, Last Chance Louie. In a couple of shots, especially one in the beginning of this episode where he confronts a man with a gun, his right eye looks very odd. It is white, but the pupil and iris appears entirely black, very different from his normal looking left, brown eye. WHAT was going on there? Did he have a glass eye? That doesn’t make sense because in most other shots BOTH eyes look completely normal.

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