The Further Adventures of Scarlett O’Hara

We read Scarlett, Alexandra Ripley’s sequel to Gone With the Wind, probably about 20 years ago. Which is insane, because we are not a 40-year-old woman. Anywho, after two decades we had forgotten some of the more…interesting plot turns before refreshing our memories with Wikipedia’s synopsis. Below, some of our favorite lines from the Wiki page:

  • When they become shipwrecked, Rhett tries to keep Scarlett awake until they reach land. Scarlett and Rhett swim until they reach an island, and take refuge in a hollow of sand dunes. Rhett says, “Oh my darling, I thought I’d lost you! My love, my life…” Scarlett thinks he means it, and the two make love in the cave. Rhett later tells her that “when a man survived something he thought he wouldn’t, he does and says crazy things,” and that he didn’t mean it.
  • Soon after another cousin named Colum, a priest from Ireland, joins them. Later Scarlett agrees to travel to Ireland with him. By this time Scarlett has realized that she is pregnant with Rhett’s child but she keeps her pregnancy hidden.
  • One stormy Halloween night, her water breaks. Her housekeeper, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, and the midwife whom Colum summons are unable to handle the situation, and it appears that Scarlett will die. Instead, she is saved by the wise old woman who lives near the haunted tower and who appears suddenly.
  • [Rhett, Scarlett, and their daughter Cat] climb into the high tower on Ballyhara where Cat has made a playhouse and they stay there for the night. Scarlett explains why she didn’t tell him about Cat and he understands. Rhett and Scarlett both say “I love you.” They wake up the next morning ready to start their new lives together and leave Ireland. The book ends with “Grainne told me to keep it,” said by Cat, speaking of the old rope ladder which they will use to climb down from the tower.

(Thank you to Miss Lauralee for prompting this trip down memory lane.)

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