Defining Moments: Doing What Needs to Be Done

As a tall, thin young gentleman in the beefy confines of Texas, I naturally gravitated towards slouching. Don’t pay attention to me! I didn’t yet know enough to slouch like Constance Bennett in a bias-cut gown; my slouches were less glamorous and more hunched. This gradually became a problem because of my stage career. One can play Dr. Austin Sloper in The Heiress at 15 with braces and acne, but bad posture is just too much.

I tried to remember to stand up straight, but I just gravitated towards my caveman posture after a few minutes. So I did what any other teenager would do: I put on a white T-shirt, took a piece of moulding from the theater workshop, taped it to my back, and then put my costume on. Presto! An upright Ye Olde New York gentleman with a Texas accent and the gaunt features of an Edward Gorey child.

(To be fair, now I just stand like Constance Bennett.)

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