Important Magic Bullet News

GUYS. There is an entire series of Magic Bullet infommercials featuring everyone’s middle-class couple Mimi and Mick, their bougie friends, and the sour bachelor Berman and boozy, chain-smoking Hazel.

In the first sequel, “Magic Bullet to Go,” Mimi, Mick and friends are camping. How will they make their omelettes and smoothies in the middle of the woods? Surprise! As you may have guessed from the film’s title, the Magic Bullet is now to go!

The entire video has shout-outs to everyone’s favorite moments from the original, from “stinky nasty garlic” to Mick’s obsession with adding spice to everything. This time around, he’s into chili powder instead of cayenne pepper, but Mimi seems just as unenthused as before. Plus, this installment features a jaw-dropping array of passive-aggressive married couple digs, and a really delicious entrance from Hazel, topping even her previous, “Did somebody say muffins?”

Watch. Laugh. Learn. Love. This is our gift to you.

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