Adventures in Personal Training: Gams Edition

These are not my gams.

Today my personal trainer and I set to work on my legs. Sigh. Every time we start something new, I think, “Oh yes, I can do this really well!” And then it turns out that I can’t because I spent two years going to the gym to not exercise correctly. Oh well.

At a certain point, I was staggering a little bit (squats take it out of you!) and during some seated exercise, I got a little nauseated. I then entertained myself by leaving my body and imagining me leaping up to dash to the bathroom to vomit, only to immediately collapse on my rubber band legs and end up lying face down on the floor, too tired to raise my head to keep the puke off my face.

I also had to kick my leg up onto waist-high mats leaning against the wall, which was fine until I had to pull my leg down and ended up bringing the stack of mats down with it.

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