A History of Our Halloweens

2001: Investigating a potentially haunted Westchester mansion. Someone may have stuck a coin to her head to commune with spirits? Much vodka has been consumed in the decade following that particular excursion.

2002: Dancing at a Yonkers pub and suffering something very close to a nervous breakdown.

2003: Getting a phone call saying I’d been hired to be an intern at Playbill.com. Browning out at a party and gorging on peanut butter out of the jar upon returning home.

2004: At a costume party in the East Village, where the hostess was dressed like Tess McGill and I had forgotten and so tied my paisley shirt at my navel and tucked my jeans into the cowboy boots I had randomly worn. Instant cowgirl. Then later went to a bar and met a gentleman. The next morning was spent in bed with Don Quixote eating York Peppermint Patties and feeling regretful.

2005: Getting trashed on greyhounds at the apartment of an older friend, going to a West Village bar, and making out with a gentleman dressed as a Mary Poppins chimney sweep.

2006: Trick or treating with Legs McNeil.

2007: At a friend’s apartment, watching The Addams Family TV show on DVD. We had earlier that week spent a terrible, terrible time at a Halloween party in Brooklyn, during which excursion we ran into an ex-boyfriend. We lasted at the party for 10 minutes after traveling for an hour to get there. Back at my apartment, we stayed up late both drinking and playing gin.

2008-present: Staying safely in my apartment, where the booze and the boys are both much nicer.

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