Superstitious? Us? (Maybe a Little)

We don’t really consider ourselves to be superstitious, and yet… Here are a few things we’ve been doing for far too many years.

First of all, we will never play with a Ouija board. We get nervous the first night we spend in our apartment with a new piece of vintage furniture; we’re sure as shit not inviting spirits to come play.

We read in the 4th grade that it’s good luck to put our right shoe on first. We haven’t put our left shoe on first since. In fact, we don’t even take our right shoe off first. And we’ve extended that rule to gloves, as well.

Also bad luck? Sleeping with your closet door open. Scary, too.

We always listen to Tammy Grimes singing “You’d Better Love me While You May” before flying out of New York City.

We don’t appreciate walking under ladders.

We are convinced that unless we work ourselves into a nervous frenzy, planes will fall out of the sky and interviews will go awry.

Yeah, we kiss our knee at 11:11 and make a wish.

Of course we make a wish on an eyelash!

Black cats? Best to just avoid them.

Don’t get us started on broken mirrors. How do actors do it when they have to break one in a scene? (Vivien Leigh flatly refused while filming A Streetcar Named Desire. Not that it helped her.)

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