Reader Advice

If one were to visit Los Angeles for the very first time this October since partying with Clara Bow and the USC football team, dear reader, what should one make it a point to do? Please keep in mind that we have a morbid fascination with the fascinatingly morbid, and all we know of California comes from Hollywood memoirs, Joan Didion, and Raymond Chandler.


4 thoughts on “Reader Advice

  1. Westwood Village Memorial Park, end of story. Truman Capote, Marilyn Monroe, Dominique Dunne, Eva Gabor, Burt Lancaster, Peggy Lee, Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon, Walter & Carol Matthau, Bettie Page and NUMEROUS other luminaries, all in a single acre. Bring the traditional pennies to put on Natalie Wood’s grave.

  2. You know, we have mutual acquaintances in LA and we really must meet. I have almost no one with whom I can share my love of all things old Hollywood and hideously morbid.

    • Mark Peikert says:

      Sad news: My employers caught on to the fact that I may have been using them for a free trip to the West Coast, so it is now postponed until possibly (POSSIBLY) December.

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