The Pen Is Mightier, Apparently

Posted in an article headlined “7 Strange Things Found in People’s Stomachs” on The Week was this blurb:

“In 2010, a 76-year-old British woman checked herself into a hospital in England with complaints of diarrhea and weight loss. When doctors examined her, they found an unrelated problem: A felt-tipped pen that had been stuck in her stomach for 25 years. The patient recalled having used the blunt end of the pen to ‘inspect a spot on her tonsils when she slipped, fell, and accidentally swallowed the pen,’ says ABC News. Not only had the pen caused her no problems — when doctors ‘fished the pen out of its gastrointestinal hiding place, they found that it still wrote clearly.’

A few things.

1) Who ignores the swallowing of a pen for 25 years?

2) In the course of a normal human life, how did a pen go undiscovered by doctors for 25 years?

3) Who TESTS THE WRITING CAPABILITIES of a pen lodged in a woman’s stomach for 25 years?


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