The Grants

When Ulysses S. Grant became president, his cross-eyed wife, Julia, debated having an operation to correct her eyes. But the doctor told her she was too old for the procedure. She told Ulys of her regret and reounts their conversation in her posthumously published memoirs:

He replied: “What in the world put such a thought in your head, Julia?” I said, “Why, you are getting to be such a great man, and I am such a plain little wife. I thought if my eyes were as others are I might not be so very, very plain, Ulys; who knows? He drew me to him and said: “Did I not see you and fall in love with you with these same eyes? I like them just as they are, and now, remember, you are not to interfere with them. They are mine, and let me tell you, Mrs. Grant, you had better not make any experiments, as I might not like you half so well with any other eyes.”

The Grants, united even in death.

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