The Etymology of Peacock

By default, my spirit animal is the peacock. Peacocks are pretty. Flannery O’Connor sure loved them, amirite? But I don’t really feel any sort of strong kinship with them. If I were seriously choosing a spirit animal, it would be an elephant, because they never forget. Or an owl, because they have big eyes. Or a dragon, because I exhale cigarette smoke through my nose. But I have ended up using the peacock as my avatar for one very simple reason: The Golden Girls.

In an episode, Blanche is telling one of her stories (oh, Blanche!), and says, “I said to myself, ‘Peacock! (I call myself peacock.) Peacock…” And that tickled me, and so I started saying it in conversation a lot. Like, a lot. To the point where people started calling me peacock. It snowballed from there, and why not? There are worse birds I could choose. Like a common grackle.

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