Coma. Get Into It.

If you’re not watching Coma, on A&E, you should be. The two-part miniseries event (and who doesn’t love TV events?) started last night and ends tonight.

In it, Lauren Ambrose plays a beautiful med student (is there any other kind?) interning at a hospital with a shockingly high rate of coma victims. As she investigates, trying to find a common denominator, everyone who helps her ends up fired. Even her roommate is abruptly dismissed after printing out files for Ambrose, and gets all creepy by emptying her room of stuff and leaving a cryptic note. There is also a stalker who leaves origami figures as calling cards.

Ambrose obviously becomes sexually involved with a dashing young doctor played by Steven Pasquale, who ends his own liaison with alcohol-sipping brain doctor Geena Davis, much to her dismay. (She throws a crystal tumbler as he walks out the door; it’s that kind of thriller.) Also on hand are James Woods and Richard Dreyfuss, as possibly dueling mentors for Ambrose. Oh, and all those coma victims end up at a special coma home run by a crippled Ellen Burstyn, where they are dressed in silver space suits and glide through the basement on elaborate conveyor belts. No, I did not make that up.

Seriously. What else do you have to do tonight?

EDITED: Guys, I’m so sorry. Having now seen the final installment, I regret having recommended it in the first place. If Lauren Ambrose decides to hide from a murderous stalker rather than, I don’t know, leave, maybe she should have had her organs harvested after all.

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