Going to Heaven on a Mule

I hope your jaw wasn’t planning to do anything, because it will be dropped during this video of Al Jolson in Wonder Bar. Closing the film, Jolson dons blackface to sing “Going to Heaven on a Mule.” Heaven for Jolson, you see, is filled with tap-dancing, fried chicken, and giant watermelon slices. I just… you have to watch it to believe it. This was in a movie. (Also bizarre, this was supposed to be a nightclub act, which is one of my main problems with ’30s musicals, like in Dancing Lady when Joan Crawford and Fred Astaire ride and dance on a flying carpet.)

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One thought on “Going to Heaven on a Mule

  1. michael says:

    When will people start to get themselves a life. Instead of continually slagging off Jolson for his alleged racism why don’t they actually do something constructive and look into this singer’s life history. Only then will they finally realise that Jolson, through the use of blackface and his famous minstrel routines, did more than any other entertainer in the history of showbusiness to highlight the plight of the black race and by doing so do his utmost to put an end to their years of persecution.

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