Nothing Was Unbearable

“It was the value, the absolute value, of jokes. Nothing in the world matters more than jokes. Everything, whether funny or not, became the subject of a joke, and that is how everything would remain. If something was funny, it became bearable; and nothing was unbearable, because there was nothing that could not be made funny.”

—Nancy Mitford, Love in a Cold Climate


3 thoughts on “Nothing Was Unbearable

  1. I recommended your blog to a friend today, and as I was browsing your old posts, I ran across THIS gem, which reminded me that you HAVE to get your hands on the Love in a Cold Climate BBC miniseries from 1980, featuring the divine Vivian Pickles.

    • Yes! Thank you for the reminder (and the recommendation! Sometimes I think you’re the only person who reads all of this nonsense). I shall add it to my list, and this is an excellent reminder to finally sit down for all 800 hours of Brideshead Revisited.

  2. I read the shit out of your nonsense, dear. It’s one of my favorite blogs.

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